Sunday, February 12, 2006

I love Sundays

I just left 501 Post. Nevie, Stacy and I spent the day with Lucas finalizing our color correction. All we have left are titles and we're done. We should have those wrapped up by mid-week.

Nevie's in the midst of cutting the trailer. We saw her first pass yesterday. I love it. After color correction today ... I'm getting so excited.

Mark and I are about to head out to drive the marathon race course. I have to tell him where to find me every six miles so he can restock my fig newtons and water. I'm a little nervous because as of yesterday, next weekend's forecast is rain. And lots of it. I'm crossing my fingers that changes.

Tracy and Stacy trip to New York that was supposed to start this morning got cancelled due to a blizzard in the northeast. Acts of God. What can you do?

1 comment:

dvd said...

Hey, I was at 501 Post all weekend (had a sleeping bag and everything). I wonder how many times our paths came close to crossing...

I can't wait to see the trailer! Put it online ASAP!