Friday, February 10, 2006

A few press items ...

I gave an interview to the McCallum High School Newspaper that came out this week. Savannah sent me a copy in the mail and it's a really nice large layout. This is the second piece they've done on us. Hopefully all the McCallum kids will come out for the screening. I'm starting to get a ton of kids linking up to my My Space page, so that's good.

Here's an interview with It's in two locations, but it's the same interview.

Hollyood Bitch Slap

I've started to get phone calls following up on the press kits. It's working. I have a few other bits and pieces lined up here and there. And then yesterday I got an updated press list from SXSW so now my head is spinning a little again.

It looks like Michael's coming for the screening. And so are my two friends Garrett and Gena who I'm more thrilled about than anything.

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