Monday, January 30, 2006

With our hands on our hips

My press spreadsheet becomes larger and more colorful each day. The enormity of it has become a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it even feels like it's wrapping it's little, symmetrical squares around my neck and strangling me. Pink means "Need to send a press kit", Blue means "Made initial contact", and Orange means, "They're doing an article or interview". I continue to plug away and fill in color to the squares. The more color, the better.

So I know this may sound really silly, but one of my goals with press and publicity is to get into Runner's World. Mark made fun and told me the only people who would see it would be me, Nevie, Stacy and his mom. Yes, this is probably true, but that's not the point. I've been an avid reader of Runner's World for a few years now. Each month, I'll devour it from cover to cover. The other runner's stories inspire me. And plus how cool would it be to have the three of us standing in our running gear with our hands on our hips looking out onto the horizon all hard core like? Pretty friggin' cool! So thanks to Paul, the owner of Run Tex and Amby, the senior editor of Runner's World, my dream might come true. :)

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