Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weak in the knees

22 miles. Done and done.

We were supposed to run 20. At the stopping point, I turned around and kept going. I met Stacy and Nevie at the 1st Street Bridge and ran the rest of the way back with them. So now that I've gone that far, I have no doubt that I can run the marathon. I will say, though, it was hard. After about 18 or 19, my legs were tired and sore. I had a constant pain in my left foot.

It's about 6:15pm in the early evening. My knees ache the most. When I get up to walk across the room, it takes me a step or two before I look normal.

But despite all of that, I feel really proud.


kelly rae said...

i'm so proud of you!

karen said...

yay, kat! i hope you're still hydrating and keeping up with your goo. :)
can't wait to see you cross the finish.