Saturday, January 07, 2006

Today is the day.

Today was one of those days where I felt I could take on the world. 12 mile run. Done. I felt like I could do 6 more. I was consistent with stopping, drinking water and today I tried a Balance bar instead of goo. It was pretty hard to chew, kind of like a biting down on a rock, but it settled better in my tummy. Next week I'll try fig newtons. They're chewier.

Mark did really well as we picked out invitations, went over the calendar of things to do, figured out the order of events, talked about the honeymoon. I was proud. We even delegated quite a bit to his mom. Having her help is a huge relief. I was feeling pretty buried beneath it all.

Stacy and I are formulating the plan for SXSW. I'm feeling much better about all of it.

I've been revamping Brain Brawl. Giving it more spunk and spark. I'm really digging it. I just love this script. I'm charmed by the characters. I want to hang out with them. I mean, I do. Usually for an hour or two each morning at Quacks.

Mark's bugging me to get off the computer. It's time for me and PC to go to bed.

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