Thursday, January 19, 2006


Great news from the actor front ...

1) Michael Emerson is currently in Hawaii working on the TV show "Lost". So far his experience involves "hanging from a tree in a man-trap of fishnet and vines and then being shot through the shoulder with a cross-bow." Poor Michael. He continues to be cast in films and television that involve getting shot at, beaten with the back of a toilet and thrown against walls. And now a cross bow ... I'm happy to report that the only pain we caused while he worked on "jumping" was Texas heat.

2) Rhett Wilkins who stars in the Sundance hit "The Puffy Chair" written and directed by our good friends, the Duplass Brothers will be getting a theatrical release in the Spring. If it comes to your town, it's a must see. It's absolutely hilarious and quietly sad at the same time.

3) Glen Powell had a bit part in Linklater's latest Coyote/Fast Food Nation project. And what I heard from Linklater's camp is that they loved him. But then again, who wouldn't.

4) Savannah is currently in Los Angeles for pilot season. We're crossing our fingers that she lands a great role in some well written television show. And then she best be making her way back to Austin in time for our little premiere.

5) I've heard that Bryan and Katie have been on stage quite a bit since we wrapped production.

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