Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My plate got really full.

That short, but sweet vacation last week ... over. I can kiss that fun and relaxation goodbye. I have so many items on my plate right now, my head's about to spin.

1) The Wedding.

It's four months away. I still have invitations to send out, a menu to decide on, decorations to think about, a dress to look for, flowers, movie clips, music ... Mark better step up to the plate and help out soon or he might be getting a swift kick in the bootie!

2) JOB.

Justin and I go into the sound mixing room next week. The very last steps to getting sweet sound. We should have it done and finished by January 18th. As far as color correction goes ... it's slow. To be honest, I'm not even sure if we've started yet. Stacy's been the mastermind behind organizing it all.

We've been putting together our monstrous spreadsheets of press contacts, festival contacts, producer reps, distributors ... Our number one producer's rep still has the film. Apparently half of the office has watched it and really liked it, but we're waiting for the other half. I'm assuming we won't hear definitively until after the Sundance madness. In the meantime, we're gearing up and getting our shit ready to go.

3) cicadas

WE GOT THE DVDS TODAY!!! I haven't seen them yet, but Stacy promises me that they're beautiful. I'm so happy. This has been five years in the making. Finally we can sell pretty copies and put them in video stores. Woohoo! Buy one or tell us what video store in your area we should send one to.

4) Rescue Me Texas Tour

I'm putting together a mini Texas tour of Stacy's documentary Rescue Me in April. I've been talking to my contacts all over the state and figuring out dates and details. If you know of anyone or any animal organization in Texas or elsewhere even that might want to screen it, sent me a note.

5) Brain Brawl

I'm working on my latest draft of the script. Beefing it up, making it a little wackier. I want to have this draft finished by early next week.

6) Marathon Training

I will do this marathon. I will cross that finish line if it takes everything out of me. I hope that doesn't happen, of course, but damnit, I'm going to see this through. So I can at least mark it off my list of things to do.

It's going to be a good year. I just know it.


Mandy said...

Let me know if you need help/advice/shopping buddy for the wedding. I just went through all of that, so I feel your pain! I also told Mark to help you out more. I gave him a pretty big lecture.

Also, I know you guys are going in a totally different direction than we did with our wedding, but if you happen to need a tiara or veil, you can use mine if you want. I think they will match your Converse!

P.S. I want a DVD! Where can I purchase one?

mom said...

you go girl, we have all confidence in you. you are right...it was a great vacation and your wedding will be great fun and frivolity for all. you can count on that. the main thing is the main thing....keep the faith that you can conquer all your dreams. we believe in you and mark. love, mom