Saturday, January 14, 2006

Man who sweats a lot

18 miles. Done and done.

The wonderful thing about running at Town Lake is seeing the same faces week after week. I've started to name them. There's headband guy, man with unusually large poodle, the old couple that puts out bird seed for the squirrels, old lady with crazy russian hat, runner with micky mouse ears, large couple with itzy bitzy dogs, long haired androgenous dude and man who sweats a lot.

I'm a little sore, but I didn't feel like I was dying today. Instead I felt pretty great. I kept running around Gary's building a few times after finishing in case Stacy discovered with her GPS that it wasn't quite 18 miles. I wanted to make damn sure that I ran the full thing. For the rest of the afternoon I felt silly and hyper. I'm fading fast now that it's almost ten o'clock.

One thing I will ask ... if you're in Austin and not doing anything on Sunday, February 19th, please come out to the marathon course and cheer us on. We'll need every little bit of support we can get.

And one more thing ... if you've donated funds to the Austin Children's Shelter on our/my behalf, I'm so deeply grateful. Your donations have gone to an incredible organization that's benefiting a lot of kids in need.

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