Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lunch Breaks

Nevie and I got to see the first pass at color correction today. It’s beautiful. The first act is almost there. Some minor tweaks and fine tuning. The second act is getting revamped with a slightly cooler, somber feel. We have one troublesome scene that’ll take some fancy footwork. I didn’t get to see the last act. I have this day job that keeps cramping my style. Lunch breaks are usually 1 hour. I’ve been stretching them to 2 ½.

Shelly, Stacy, Leslie and I have a publicity meeting in a few minutes. We’ve been forming a plan of attack for the festival and beyond. The one idea that we’re working on right now is a contest for high school journalism students that involves a mock press junket and a winning article being published in the Austin American-Statesman. So far we have the Statesman and the Mayor on board and are waiting for the final verdict from AISD.

Had a great conversation with Daniel today. He’s putting together his publicity contacts and sending them over. When it comes to music, he knows pretty much everybody. He also has connections to the teen magazines, which is where I’m really hoping to get some press.

I’ve been seeing great reviews on Heather Courtney’s doc, Letters from the Other Side, currently at Slamdance. I’d expect nothing less. She deserves every bit of press and accolades. That girl has so much heart and talent.

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