Friday, January 27, 2006

I hope they don't hate me

My head is about to explode. I have this massive spreadsheet that I've been compiling for several months now. It has lists of critics, lists of press, lists of festivals, distributors, producer's reps, NY contacts, LA contacts. I'm working with Leslie to compile all of these press kits for local and national media outlets to start going out on Monday. I have to get contact names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, make labels, write short personal notes ... My eyes and fingers are bleeding.

Fortunately, I have a fiance who knows about every living and dead film critic ever. Mark's been reading film criticism and theory since he wore diapers it seems. We have this behemouth book shelf with books upon books about film. He can pretty much tell me which critics my film will appeal to and which ones will absolutely hate it. This, I find, to be really great insider information. It's sad, because I'm like, "Hey Mark, is Peter Travers a music critic or film critic for Rolling Stone?" I don't know these things, you see. The only one I'm somewhat familiar with is Kenneth Turan. I heard him do an NPR review several years ago on Jim McKay's "Our Song" which made me run to the theater to see it. I hear him every so often and find myself somewhat aligned with his taste. Other than that ... Ken Tucker, Ella Taylor, Wesley Morris, Scott Foundas, Ty Burr ... these guys are all new to me. I hope they don't hate me.

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Alison said...

weird. your mark sounds like my mark. jonathan rosenbaum, pauline kael, plus dozens of the current ones--edelstein, charles taylor, j. hoberman, A.O. Scott. The list goes on. He reads them all.Books on the shelves. Bookmarks on the computer. Film geeks!--alison