Friday, January 13, 2006


Justin and I took a break from the sound mixing to visit the AFS Party last night. My god that was a crazy event. We walked in and didn't recognize a soul. Hundreds of people everywhere. We grabbed our books, a few sodas, a Nevie and headed for a corner of the room. It was so nice chatting with Elisabeth, Sandra, Aaron, Sturge, Scott Bate ... but then we had to dash back to finish up reel 3 of "jumping". On the way out I saw everyone I was hoping to talk to ... Bryan, Jake, Steve, Carolyn, John, PJ ... damn you work! But the sound mix is going really well. I sit there with my little laptop working on "Brain Brawl" and occasionally answering a question or making a comment while Justin plugs away. And then we watch the whole reel and work on notes together. Today we should get through reel 4 and maybe a little of 5. We plan to finish reel 5 tomorrow and get any more foley work we need recorded and added in. By Sunday, Stacy, Justin and I will pour through the whole film and finalize the sound mix. The more I watch the film lately, the happier I get. Of course I'm still terrified to screen it for mass audiences, but that terror gets less and less as the days go by.

18 miles tomorrow. I hope I don't die.

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dvd said...

Darn, you must have left before I got there. I went straight to the corner, too. : )