Monday, January 16, 2006

Couch ridden

I've been glued to the couch all day. I woke up with a belly ache, clammy skin, a headache and quite possibly a fever. I think the run on Saturday and forgetting to take my vitamins killed my immune system. I'm anxious for the morning when I'm guessing I'll feel a million times better. Regardless, I can't sit here without going through my "list of things to do". It's sad, but I have a hard time sitting still. Even when it means compromising my health. It's just who I am.

I spent the entire weekend, literally, at Sound Crafters. We're so very close to finishing the sound it's not even funny. Just a tiny bit of ADR next weekend and that's it. I can wipe my hands clean of it. It's sad all the same. It's been fun, being silly stupid with Justin. I must say, I've really enjoyed his company. He's a total stand up guy. And he does a great Jimmy Stewart impression. And John Travolta too. Not to mention, he made the movie sound pretty darn incredible. He's got some mad skills with Pro Tools. He jams on his groove.

Nevie took over all of the files to our color correction house today. They start tomorrow.

I've been debating whether to have my parents come for my marathon or my big movie premiere. I'm leaning toward the movie premiere. It'll be nice to have them by my side. I'll be crazy emotional. But that's to be expected.

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