Wednesday, January 04, 2006


You can order a copy here. Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. All monies from DVD sales help finish our current film, JUMPING OFF BRIDGES.


Robert said...


Will the discs be available to rent via Netflix or some other on-line rental service? That seems to be a boon for small indie films.

Also, is there a commentary and/or any extras on the disc?

I'm polishing up the interview I did with you in KC -- the next issue should be out in the Spring/Summer, just after JUMPING's premiere at SXSW.

Keep an eye out for the short FIRST DATE at SXSW - it's by KC filmmaker Gary Huggins, who should be in attendance.

take care,

cspin said...


my name is cristine spindler. a very long time ago, i lived in tallahassee, florida. i made a friend named michael trammel. he told me about his friend kat whom he thought, i too, would like. he told me of the movie she just made called cicadas. i rarely went out those days. but one night of those nights that i did, i went to see cicadas. i loved cicadas. i have thought about cicadas ever since. for 11 or 12 years, i remember it, wish i could watch it...forget about it, remember and once again, wish i could watch it.
why the hell i never utilized this magical world wide web to see if i could find it or beyond me.
but not anymore.

only now, i cannot find where to buy a copy since it looks like the hyperlink you had on your blog to do so is no longer valid. it was posted in 2006..again, i'm a little late.

all of this odd voice writing to say, is there a way i can purchase a copy somehow?

i am very happy to see you are still making movies and it looks like they are doing really well.

I'd love to purchase any or all of the newer ones that you would recommend.


Kat Candler said...

Hi Cris,
Thanks so much for your sweet note about CICADAS. I actually don't have any copies any more. The last feature I did JUMPING OFF BRIDGES is available on DVD at this website ... ... if you buy a copy I can slip in copies of the last two shorts I did HELLION and BLACK METAL. Thanks so much for the kind words!