Friday, January 20, 2006

All black

I have to make a mental note not to wear all black. Ever. It makes me sad. I'm so anxious to get home and add a bit of color.

I've been getting notes from friends in Park City. It's really exciting! I can't wait to hear how everyone's premieres go. The Zellners are screening in the same program as Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh and John Bryant too. Heather has a premiere tonight, I think. Got a note from John and Todd Rohal today. I hope everyone comes home with big distribution deals. That'd be pretty fucking cool.

All of the wedding pieces are coming together all of a sudden. Deanna and I set up lots of meetings for the upcoming weeks. I meet with Emory on Sunday. He took still photographs on "jumping" that were simply stunning. I meet with Jesse, my dressmaker, next Saturday. You can check out her work at Amet and Sasha. Her pieces are at Parts and Labor and a few other boutiques in Austin. I think Nevie has one of her shirts. The florist (Central Market) in early February. Chadwick on Monday. He's assembling the movie clips and montages for the wedding and reception. And I'm taking Deanna in early February to check out the Dobie and Alamo Downtown to measure tables, get ideas for decorations and so forth.

I'm meeting an old friend for dinner in a bit. When I was in high school he wrote a one-act play that I acted in. I can't remember the name of it, but I played Clytemenstra. It was a pretty silly, fun play. Now he owns his own Play Publishing Company in New York called Playscripts . He has people like Neil Simon and Tony Kushner on his board. It's insane. I'm constantly amazed by my friends. But not surprised.

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