Monday, January 30, 2006

With our hands on our hips

My press spreadsheet becomes larger and more colorful each day. The enormity of it has become a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it even feels like it's wrapping it's little, symmetrical squares around my neck and strangling me. Pink means "Need to send a press kit", Blue means "Made initial contact", and Orange means, "They're doing an article or interview". I continue to plug away and fill in color to the squares. The more color, the better.

So I know this may sound really silly, but one of my goals with press and publicity is to get into Runner's World. Mark made fun and told me the only people who would see it would be me, Nevie, Stacy and his mom. Yes, this is probably true, but that's not the point. I've been an avid reader of Runner's World for a few years now. Each month, I'll devour it from cover to cover. The other runner's stories inspire me. And plus how cool would it be to have the three of us standing in our running gear with our hands on our hips looking out onto the horizon all hard core like? Pretty friggin' cool! So thanks to Paul, the owner of Run Tex and Amby, the senior editor of Runner's World, my dream might come true. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weak in the knees

22 miles. Done and done.

We were supposed to run 20. At the stopping point, I turned around and kept going. I met Stacy and Nevie at the 1st Street Bridge and ran the rest of the way back with them. So now that I've gone that far, I have no doubt that I can run the marathon. I will say, though, it was hard. After about 18 or 19, my legs were tired and sore. I had a constant pain in my left foot.

It's about 6:15pm in the early evening. My knees ache the most. When I get up to walk across the room, it takes me a step or two before I look normal.

But despite all of that, I feel really proud.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I hope they don't hate me

My head is about to explode. I have this massive spreadsheet that I've been compiling for several months now. It has lists of critics, lists of press, lists of festivals, distributors, producer's reps, NY contacts, LA contacts. I'm working with Leslie to compile all of these press kits for local and national media outlets to start going out on Monday. I have to get contact names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, make labels, write short personal notes ... My eyes and fingers are bleeding.

Fortunately, I have a fiance who knows about every living and dead film critic ever. Mark's been reading film criticism and theory since he wore diapers it seems. We have this behemouth book shelf with books upon books about film. He can pretty much tell me which critics my film will appeal to and which ones will absolutely hate it. This, I find, to be really great insider information. It's sad, because I'm like, "Hey Mark, is Peter Travers a music critic or film critic for Rolling Stone?" I don't know these things, you see. The only one I'm somewhat familiar with is Kenneth Turan. I heard him do an NPR review several years ago on Jim McKay's "Our Song" which made me run to the theater to see it. I hear him every so often and find myself somewhat aligned with his taste. Other than that ... Ken Tucker, Ella Taylor, Wesley Morris, Scott Foundas, Ty Burr ... these guys are all new to me. I hope they don't hate me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lunch Breaks

Nevie and I got to see the first pass at color correction today. It’s beautiful. The first act is almost there. Some minor tweaks and fine tuning. The second act is getting revamped with a slightly cooler, somber feel. We have one troublesome scene that’ll take some fancy footwork. I didn’t get to see the last act. I have this day job that keeps cramping my style. Lunch breaks are usually 1 hour. I’ve been stretching them to 2 ½.

Shelly, Stacy, Leslie and I have a publicity meeting in a few minutes. We’ve been forming a plan of attack for the festival and beyond. The one idea that we’re working on right now is a contest for high school journalism students that involves a mock press junket and a winning article being published in the Austin American-Statesman. So far we have the Statesman and the Mayor on board and are waiting for the final verdict from AISD.

Had a great conversation with Daniel today. He’s putting together his publicity contacts and sending them over. When it comes to music, he knows pretty much everybody. He also has connections to the teen magazines, which is where I’m really hoping to get some press.

I’ve been seeing great reviews on Heather Courtney’s doc, Letters from the Other Side, currently at Slamdance. I’d expect nothing less. She deserves every bit of press and accolades. That girl has so much heart and talent.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hi-Lo Country

Every few hours my mood swings. Sometimes on its own and sometimes by uncontrollable situations. I'm missing my friends so much. They're my comfort. Having brunch with Kurt, MB, Nevie and Ryan on Sunday was like heaven. Sometimes I lose sight of how much I need them and rely on their love and support. With Karen gone, I'm feeling a huge gaping hole in my side. I'm wondering if this excessive running has anything to do with my lack of emotional stability right now.

Friday, January 20, 2006

All black

I have to make a mental note not to wear all black. Ever. It makes me sad. I'm so anxious to get home and add a bit of color.

I've been getting notes from friends in Park City. It's really exciting! I can't wait to hear how everyone's premieres go. The Zellners are screening in the same program as Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh and John Bryant too. Heather has a premiere tonight, I think. Got a note from John and Todd Rohal today. I hope everyone comes home with big distribution deals. That'd be pretty fucking cool.

All of the wedding pieces are coming together all of a sudden. Deanna and I set up lots of meetings for the upcoming weeks. I meet with Emory on Sunday. He took still photographs on "jumping" that were simply stunning. I meet with Jesse, my dressmaker, next Saturday. You can check out her work at Amet and Sasha. Her pieces are at Parts and Labor and a few other boutiques in Austin. I think Nevie has one of her shirts. The florist (Central Market) in early February. Chadwick on Monday. He's assembling the movie clips and montages for the wedding and reception. And I'm taking Deanna in early February to check out the Dobie and Alamo Downtown to measure tables, get ideas for decorations and so forth.

I'm meeting an old friend for dinner in a bit. When I was in high school he wrote a one-act play that I acted in. I can't remember the name of it, but I played Clytemenstra. It was a pretty silly, fun play. Now he owns his own Play Publishing Company in New York called Playscripts . He has people like Neil Simon and Tony Kushner on his board. It's insane. I'm constantly amazed by my friends. But not surprised.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Great news from the actor front ...

1) Michael Emerson is currently in Hawaii working on the TV show "Lost". So far his experience involves "hanging from a tree in a man-trap of fishnet and vines and then being shot through the shoulder with a cross-bow." Poor Michael. He continues to be cast in films and television that involve getting shot at, beaten with the back of a toilet and thrown against walls. And now a cross bow ... I'm happy to report that the only pain we caused while he worked on "jumping" was Texas heat.

2) Rhett Wilkins who stars in the Sundance hit "The Puffy Chair" written and directed by our good friends, the Duplass Brothers will be getting a theatrical release in the Spring. If it comes to your town, it's a must see. It's absolutely hilarious and quietly sad at the same time.

3) Glen Powell had a bit part in Linklater's latest Coyote/Fast Food Nation project. And what I heard from Linklater's camp is that they loved him. But then again, who wouldn't.

4) Savannah is currently in Los Angeles for pilot season. We're crossing our fingers that she lands a great role in some well written television show. And then she best be making her way back to Austin in time for our little premiere.

5) I've heard that Bryan and Katie have been on stage quite a bit since we wrapped production.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

what if i end up like her ...

i have a knot in my belly. it's been a strange day. this morning i had a million things on my mind as i ran. this dream i had last night kept turning over in my head. it's resurfaced all day and i can't shake it. i'm feeling pretty lost from a friendship and it's making me sad. you wonder how much you can grow apart from someone over time. do we really change that much? i mean seriously, are we really that different? i hate to think that i am. or that they are. it just sucks. this movie's killing me lately. sometimes i get myself too worked up. it can be pretty hard not to though.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Couch ridden

I've been glued to the couch all day. I woke up with a belly ache, clammy skin, a headache and quite possibly a fever. I think the run on Saturday and forgetting to take my vitamins killed my immune system. I'm anxious for the morning when I'm guessing I'll feel a million times better. Regardless, I can't sit here without going through my "list of things to do". It's sad, but I have a hard time sitting still. Even when it means compromising my health. It's just who I am.

I spent the entire weekend, literally, at Sound Crafters. We're so very close to finishing the sound it's not even funny. Just a tiny bit of ADR next weekend and that's it. I can wipe my hands clean of it. It's sad all the same. It's been fun, being silly stupid with Justin. I must say, I've really enjoyed his company. He's a total stand up guy. And he does a great Jimmy Stewart impression. And John Travolta too. Not to mention, he made the movie sound pretty darn incredible. He's got some mad skills with Pro Tools. He jams on his groove.

Nevie took over all of the files to our color correction house today. They start tomorrow.

I've been debating whether to have my parents come for my marathon or my big movie premiere. I'm leaning toward the movie premiere. It'll be nice to have them by my side. I'll be crazy emotional. But that's to be expected.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Man who sweats a lot

18 miles. Done and done.

The wonderful thing about running at Town Lake is seeing the same faces week after week. I've started to name them. There's headband guy, man with unusually large poodle, the old couple that puts out bird seed for the squirrels, old lady with crazy russian hat, runner with micky mouse ears, large couple with itzy bitzy dogs, long haired androgenous dude and man who sweats a lot.

I'm a little sore, but I didn't feel like I was dying today. Instead I felt pretty great. I kept running around Gary's building a few times after finishing in case Stacy discovered with her GPS that it wasn't quite 18 miles. I wanted to make damn sure that I ran the full thing. For the rest of the afternoon I felt silly and hyper. I'm fading fast now that it's almost ten o'clock.

One thing I will ask ... if you're in Austin and not doing anything on Sunday, February 19th, please come out to the marathon course and cheer us on. We'll need every little bit of support we can get.

And one more thing ... if you've donated funds to the Austin Children's Shelter on our/my behalf, I'm so deeply grateful. Your donations have gone to an incredible organization that's benefiting a lot of kids in need.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Justin and I took a break from the sound mixing to visit the AFS Party last night. My god that was a crazy event. We walked in and didn't recognize a soul. Hundreds of people everywhere. We grabbed our books, a few sodas, a Nevie and headed for a corner of the room. It was so nice chatting with Elisabeth, Sandra, Aaron, Sturge, Scott Bate ... but then we had to dash back to finish up reel 3 of "jumping". On the way out I saw everyone I was hoping to talk to ... Bryan, Jake, Steve, Carolyn, John, PJ ... damn you work! But the sound mix is going really well. I sit there with my little laptop working on "Brain Brawl" and occasionally answering a question or making a comment while Justin plugs away. And then we watch the whole reel and work on notes together. Today we should get through reel 4 and maybe a little of 5. We plan to finish reel 5 tomorrow and get any more foley work we need recorded and added in. By Sunday, Stacy, Justin and I will pour through the whole film and finalize the sound mix. The more I watch the film lately, the happier I get. Of course I'm still terrified to screen it for mass audiences, but that terror gets less and less as the days go by.

18 miles tomorrow. I hope I don't die.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alan and Eunhee

I just heard that our friends from the IFP Rough Cuts Lab are screening their film Inner Circle Line at SXSW. I'm super excited. I only saw snippets of the film back in September but I was truly engaged. I can't wait to see the whole thing. Yay, we have friends coming to town!!!

Oh and the sound mix is going very well. That Justin's a good man.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sound Mix

I'm about to meet Justin for the sound mix. This will be my life for the next five days.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Austin Children's Shelter

We visited the Austin Children's Shelter today as part of our Marathon Fundraising. They provide emergency shelter and care to abandoned, abused, and neglected children. Wandering their halls put a lot of things into perspective. Hearing the children's stories, watching their sweet, little faces laughing and pointing, waving "hi" from their beds during naptime. Kids get me every time. They have no choice in all of this. It's pretty upsetting.

For the marathon we've been raising money to contribute to the shelter, but today made it all that more real. They need a lot of help. They need help paying their electricity bill and the cost to get the kids immunizations. The list is long. If you have a second to spare, check out their website. They're doing good things.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Today is the day.

Today was one of those days where I felt I could take on the world. 12 mile run. Done. I felt like I could do 6 more. I was consistent with stopping, drinking water and today I tried a Balance bar instead of goo. It was pretty hard to chew, kind of like a biting down on a rock, but it settled better in my tummy. Next week I'll try fig newtons. They're chewier.

Mark did really well as we picked out invitations, went over the calendar of things to do, figured out the order of events, talked about the honeymoon. I was proud. We even delegated quite a bit to his mom. Having her help is a huge relief. I was feeling pretty buried beneath it all.

Stacy and I are formulating the plan for SXSW. I'm feeling much better about all of it.

I've been revamping Brain Brawl. Giving it more spunk and spark. I'm really digging it. I just love this script. I'm charmed by the characters. I want to hang out with them. I mean, I do. Usually for an hour or two each morning at Quacks.

Mark's bugging me to get off the computer. It's time for me and PC to go to bed.

Friday, January 06, 2006

SXSW and other anxieties

So "jumping" will officially premiere at SXSW in mid-March. I'm both thrilled and freaked.

Here are the following reasons why I'm panic stricken:
1) It's only two months away. God.
2) Everyone will see the film.
3) Press has become one big panic attack for me.
4) Premiere Party.
5) Talking to distributors, producer's reps, industry people ... I shudder.
6) Reviews. I try to be strong and have thick skin, but who am I kidding? Who can take criticism without a tear or two? Really?

I have to go pick up Nevie now. We have a pasta dinner date. We have to prepare for another long run in the morning. I keep asking myself "What the hell am I thinking?".

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Panic Attacks

I'm having little panic attacks thinking about everything that needs to get done over the next five months.

And Sturge stood me up for lunch. What's up with that? I had to eat my Zen alone.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


You can order a copy here. Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. All monies from DVD sales help finish our current film, JUMPING OFF BRIDGES.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My plate got really full.

That short, but sweet vacation last week ... over. I can kiss that fun and relaxation goodbye. I have so many items on my plate right now, my head's about to spin.

1) The Wedding.

It's four months away. I still have invitations to send out, a menu to decide on, decorations to think about, a dress to look for, flowers, movie clips, music ... Mark better step up to the plate and help out soon or he might be getting a swift kick in the bootie!

2) JOB.

Justin and I go into the sound mixing room next week. The very last steps to getting sweet sound. We should have it done and finished by January 18th. As far as color correction goes ... it's slow. To be honest, I'm not even sure if we've started yet. Stacy's been the mastermind behind organizing it all.

We've been putting together our monstrous spreadsheets of press contacts, festival contacts, producer reps, distributors ... Our number one producer's rep still has the film. Apparently half of the office has watched it and really liked it, but we're waiting for the other half. I'm assuming we won't hear definitively until after the Sundance madness. In the meantime, we're gearing up and getting our shit ready to go.

3) cicadas

WE GOT THE DVDS TODAY!!! I haven't seen them yet, but Stacy promises me that they're beautiful. I'm so happy. This has been five years in the making. Finally we can sell pretty copies and put them in video stores. Woohoo! Buy one or tell us what video store in your area we should send one to.

4) Rescue Me Texas Tour

I'm putting together a mini Texas tour of Stacy's documentary Rescue Me in April. I've been talking to my contacts all over the state and figuring out dates and details. If you know of anyone or any animal organization in Texas or elsewhere even that might want to screen it, sent me a note.

5) Brain Brawl

I'm working on my latest draft of the script. Beefing it up, making it a little wackier. I want to have this draft finished by early next week.

6) Marathon Training

I will do this marathon. I will cross that finish line if it takes everything out of me. I hope that doesn't happen, of course, but damnit, I'm going to see this through. So I can at least mark it off my list of things to do.

It's going to be a good year. I just know it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ringing in the New Year

I spent New Year's Eve alone. A hot bath and a good book. I was asleep by 10pm. It was actually a really good night. I needed it.

So I'm wondering how cut out I am for this marathon thing. I ran 16 miles by myself this morning. I'm a little worried. By mile 13 and 14, I wanted to stop so badly to stop and walk the rest of the way. I have yet to invest in one of those water belt things. And the sad thing was that none, NONE of the water fountains between I-35 and the dam were working. I had to do that loop twice. I freaked out stopping at every single water fountain and then yelling "shit" when I discovered they were dry. I almost tackled some old runner guy with a water bottle strapped to his back. I thought I would die I was so thirsty. And the goo ... it's starting to make me feel like vomiting. I wonder if bananas might be a safe substitute. I think if I eat another Mocha Mocha Power Gel, I'm seriously going to puke. I struggled through the last 3 miles. Big time. I didn't think I would make it up the stairs at the Congress Bridge my legs felt like jelly. And when I stopped at the finish line, oh man, my legs nearly gave out. I've been sore with an upset stomach ever since. I came home to a quick hot bath before heading out for a New Year's Day brunch with friends. After lunch I sat and watched all of "Cocktail" and made Mark rub my feet. It's a really bad movie. The dad from 90210 is an extra at the bar in Jamaica. That's kind of funny.