Friday, December 09, 2005

The underdog

My car is fixed. Let's hope anyway. I'm supposed to pick it up in an hour. Not having a car in this city sucks. I've never ridden the bus. No, I take that back, in seventh grade, my friend Kelly MacEwan and I took a bus to the mall. I think her mom was at work or something and we NEEDED to go pretty badly. Anyhow, it'll be nice to have my sweet, little ride back.

I've been furiously putting together a press kit. It's pretty cool actually. We have some contacts with some festivals to get them out to. It's nice to have it almost done. And of course it'll be forever changing. Adding articles, festival screenings ... that sort of thing.

We've been having some promising conversations with a guy in the UK about funding for BRAIN BRAWL. Today we found out that we're waiting for this group of investors to make this major, major 50/50 decision. They're deciding between our project and another astronomically huge budgeted project. I hope they go for the underdog. It would be SO nice to have money for a dolly every day and to pay our cast and crew a regular wage and to have an accountant ...

Speaking of money, we're giving a workshop tomorrow to raise some more funds and to educate a few people on how to be scrappy and persistent in the art of filmmaking. Stacy's also sending off the final parameters for the CICADAS' DVD today. We'll be selling those little bad boys VERY soon. $25.00 for your very own copy. You can go ahead and order them on our website at AND you get to support a worthy cause of helping us finish our film JUMPING OFF BRIDGES.

Also, if you're reading this and live in Austin, go check out Margaret Brown's, BE HERE TO LOVE ME this weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse South!

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