Friday, December 16, 2005

Say Yeah!

I have "Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah" on repeat on the old headphones. I'm watching the minutes go by on my computer at work. It's almost painful. But I'm bouncing around in my seat and smiling like crazy because I fucking love this band so much. Thank you Kurt! It's so friggin' good! It's the kind of music that makes you want to run around and hug random strangers in the streets.

I forgot to include my favorite books of 2006 in my last blog entry. They would be Under the Bridge, Brokeback Mountain and Blindness. So that's that about that.

I saw a slew of film friends at the Driskill the other night for an impromptu get together. It was really nice. One of my new year's resolutions ... hang out with my friends more. I missed them in a big way this last year. I'm longing for spur of the moment trips to Johnson City to play pool at the Friendliest Bar, family dinners at Madras Pavillion, late night games of spades where Kurt uses the phrase "clean your clocks" over and over, fuseball competitions at Lala's Little Nugget, drunken conversations in the Draught Haus parking lot, soccer games where we run around like a bunch of 5-year olds, photobooths at Amy's, scavenger hunts that involve nudity in elevators and sitting around our livingrooms talking about movies and music until 2am.


Clare said...

I love them too! I had them on repeat in the car a couple of months ago. And Blindness is one of my favorite books ever. So haunting. You should read White Teeth by Zadie Smith if you haven't already. I'm launching into her new onw as soon as I finish Bob Dylan's Chronicles.


karen said...

When did you ever sit around talking until 2am? Isn't 11pm late for you, early bird? :)
I miss those days too.

Anonymous said...