Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A sad day in Mudville

Karen's getting on a plane in a few hours for Florida. In January she'll unpack her bags in New York City. I was trying to count how many years we've lived in the same city since we met in 7th grade. 18, I think. We've been roommates for several of those 18 years. I have too many good memories with that girl to even count. I cried myself to sleep last night dreading this day. It's a really sad day in Mudville.


karen said...

I just keep thinking, new chapter, new chapter, and not a different book. We'll still be part of the same story as long as we continue to make it so. And we will.
I don't know why I'm using book metaphors, except that maybe I'm so excited to be able to read novels again?
It's going to be an amazing year of growth for both of us, and lots of those around us. We'll still need each other a lot, so no worries. Phone, email and visits will make everything good.

Stacy said...

I've left some good friends in distant cities and one or two best friends, too. They stay with you through the years.
There is nothing in the world better than a long late night call to your best friend far away when they are the only person in the world who will understand, give you true blue advice, tell you how cool you really are. You belive them when they tell you everything will be fine, cause it's true.