Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fenway Park

Mark and I are in Boston right now. It's cold. Very cold. So far our visit has consisted of Newbury Comics, spicy Indian food, a tour of Fenway Park, coffee with Amy and Travis, searching for Mike's wedding ring in the Public Gardens and cable TV. We're loving it. We promised to catch a movie each day, but have yet to keep that promise. Our four day visit is going by way too fast. I forget how much I love hotel rooms. I LOVE hotels. Love them. I've been good and haven't done any film work yet. Well, besides working on my Brain Brawl rewrite for a little bit each morning. Sadly, I've been stuck on the first 10 pages.

Mark and I have a new favorite TV show. Being Bobby Brown. It's like a bad accident.


Mandy said...

Where are you guys staying? I love hotels too.

i'm no phenomenon said...

i miss you!