Friday, December 02, 2005

Blue or Red?

Wedding plans are afoot. I didn't think I would get into it really, but I kind of am. It's the little girl in me. Well, not really, since I was more into box cars and collecting tree frogs than I was into dresses and tea parties. But still, it's kind of fun. Mark's in charge of picking out movies and music to play during the wedding. He's going really obscure, which I love. I haven't heard of most of the films, just the director's. Old school. He loves this kind of thing so much. We picked out our wedding cake. His sister Amy, who's a pastry chef and teaches at the Culinary Academy in town, is making her famous chocolate hazelnut cake. She made it for one of my birthdays and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven with each bite. That girl's got crazy talent. Emory's taking the photographs. He's a youngster who travels to tiny villages in Africa to take pictures for months on end. He's got an amazing eye. Tracy's helping with the coordination. Couldn't have asked for a better right hand woman. She'll have the whole thing flowing smooth, like Biz Markie. The reception ... Italian themed. Mark and I are spending part of Christmas in Boston and I plan to visit many an Italian restaurant and pastry shop to get some ideas. Maybe watch The Godfathers and Big Night for inspiration. One of the biggest decisions to make is the color of my converses. At first I was thinking black or blue, but now I'm kind of thinking red. It's a tough call.

Oh and if anyone's interested, CICADAS' DVDs will be available soon on the Storie Productions website. We're selling them for $25 and you even get a poster too. All proceeds will help finish JUMPING OFF BRIDGES.


kelly rae said...

red converses!!!

Leslie Langee said...

(or purple! :)

i'm no phenomenon said...

red! silly.