Thursday, December 08, 2005

Arctic Temperatures

The roads were empty as I creeped down the highway, avoiding any icy patches on my way to work. I dragged poor Mark out of bed since my little Tercel was in the shop, again. Mark still looked pretty rough after a full day of battling stomach flu. I've never seen him look so bad. My heart just ached last night as he trembled and paled after eating some soup I brought home. All in all though, everyone seems to be surviving these arctic temperatures. For the first time in maybe a year, Mark turned the air conditioner off in our house. It's consistently about 68 - 70 degrees in our little apartment. No joke. I usually have to wear a warm jacket just to sit on the couch and read a book. I snuck the heat on and I think he was so sick yesterday he didn't bother to turn it off.

Natasha had a fantastic reading of her script on Tuesday. The actors really floored me. It made me want to be on a set or in rehearsals so badly. It's funny how five years ago, actors sent me into panic mode. I didn't know how to talk to them. I just sort of let them do their thing. Now I want to watch them, mold them, shape them, collaborate with them, experiment ... I love that process so very, very much. And when they shine, like they did on Tuesday night, I just get so friggin' proud!

Lorie's been in Los Angeles for a week trying to get her bearings in a town she'll be moving to at the beginning of the year. She also had a meeting with one of the producer's reps we've been eyeing. They called the film "a gem". We should hear from them in the next week or two as to whether they think the film is marketable enough to take on. She also mentioned BRAIN BRAWL to a few people who seemed really interested. As much as I get a bad taste in my mouth for Los Angeles, I know that I need to chomp on a mint and get over it. Stacy and I were talking today that we need to set up some time to spend a week in both Los Angeles and New York, taking meetings with people to make more contacts and connections. It's inevitable.

We're about to submit to Tribeca and SXSW. I've been assembling the press kit and applications while Stacy burns the DVDs. Stacy's been in the midst of post production and making sure we stay on the right path. She's amazing. Amazing! I love how she's really finding her way with all of this. She owns this film, and by "own", I mean, she makes this whole thing possible.

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Stacy said...

goodness gracious...I'm just doing my job. Nevie - now that girl is amazing! And Kat she's amazing, too!