Monday, December 05, 2005

Anorexic Girls and Mocha Mocha Goo

Weekend Highlights:

Running 12 miles Saturday Morning with our Marathon Training Group. I got a little nauseous by mile 11. I think I have tendonitis in both feet which doesn't help matters. It hurts in the muscle connecting my feet to my shin. Reminds me a lot of when I had tendonitis in my left shin this time last year. Damn. Stacy and I keep comparing goo flavors. My favorite so far is Mocha Mocha. Banana blitz is pretty good too. If you've never had it before, it's like eating a tablespoon of icing. It takes a little getting used to.

My car breaking down. Christmas gifts will be scarce this year. I just got hit with a pretty heft car payment to install a new ignitor. I hate cars. I want a new one so bad though.

CICADAS screening went really well. We had a great crowd. Lots of familiar faces and lots of unfamiliar faces. It was nice to show the cast and crew who showed up some of the JUMPING footage.

Lots of quality time with Karen. She's been staying with Mark and I for a few days. It's been wonderful taking long walks, sipping coffee for an hour at Quack's. I'm going to miss that girl something fierce.

Rehearsals for Natasha Rosow's script ANOREXIC GIRLS WITH GUNS. I was asked to direct a screenplay reading for UTFI. It's a fun, crazy screenplay. Vicky Boone assembled a fantastic group of actors some of which I already knew were fantastic (Savannah, Glen and Anne). I love seeing new faces and discovering new talent. Every single actor in this read-through is ridiculously talented. I love it. Natasha got so tickled about Savannah playing the lead. She was beside herself with how perfect she was. The read-through goes up on Tuesday night. I think the audience will have a great response for Natasha. It's a super funny script.

SHOPGIRL. I LOVED this movie! LOVED it! I went with Karen last night. She didn't like it so much. I had the complete opposite reaction. Thank God Claire Danes is back. She reminded me of Catherine Keener's performance in CAPOTE. So beautifully restrained and simple and spot on. I haven't seen a whole lot of movies this year, but SHOPGIRL and CAPOTE are my absolute favorite so far. I'm still anticipating BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA and THE NEW WORLD. I have a feeling they'll be up on that list as well. Ang Lee can do no wrong in my book. With the exception of THE HULK.


Clare said...

Don't even bother with the Apple Cinnamon goo if you haven't already. Blech! It's like eating the super sweet syrupy stuff in those nasty McDonald's apple pies.


Stacy said...

Thanks Clare! I have some apple cinnamon that Iv'e been afraid to try...and for good reason I guess! Raspberry is pretty good, but last week I tried Sonic Strawberry because it was the only flavor with double caffeine and I don't recommend it.
Chocolate is my favorite!

(The real question - when will I be cool enough to be a link from Kat's blog list? )

i'm no phenomenon said...

good luck tonight! i wish i could be there to hear the read.

Kat Candler said...

stacy, done and done!