Friday, December 23, 2005

15 = Red

I ran 15 miles today. The longest I've ever run in my entire life. I struggled through miles 11 and 12. My legs got jelly like and all I could think about was the Run Tex water station where I would allow myself 30 seconds to stop and sip on water. I savored every last nanosecond of it. By mile 13, I forgot about my weary body and my throbbing foot. Speaking of my throbbing foot, I'm wondering, fretting really about whether I'll be able to do the marathon. I'm so friggin' determined to do it. I'm torn though. Do I run the risk of screwing up my foot for the rest of my life or run 26.2 miles to prove to myself that I can do it? The answer seems obvious, but knowing how badly I want to run this race ... it gets pretty muddled in my head.

Mark and I are headed to Florida in a few hours. I'm anxious to see my folks, my brother and my nephews. My mom called today as she always does right before I leave to see what kind of snacks I want to eat. It's always the same ... apples and bananas. Specifically Fuji or Red Delicious apples. I'm pretty picky about my apples. You kind of have to be. She went on to tell me about each dish she and Tiffany are making for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner. Ham, turkey, cheese and broccoli casserole, stuffing ... She's so cute. I love the hell out of that woman.

This is the first Christmas Mark is spending with me and my family. He's been very worried about many things ...

1) Does my mom decorate the house for Christmas? Uh yeah. Big time. Every year she picks a theme. Iridescent or blue or blue and gold. She goes all out. Shit, she's a part time interior decorator.
2) Do we open our gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas Eve. Mark was not pleased with this response. He's always opened his gifts on Christmas Day. My mom said we could reach some sort of compromise.
3) Does my mom stuff our stockings with goodies in the middle of the night? My mom actually admitted this year that she can't find the stockings and is not sure if she's putting any up. I have yet to tell Mark this. Not sure how he'll react.
4) Do we go to Christmas Eve mass? Always. Even though the only part I pay attention to is the choir. I usually start fading by the second reading.
5) Will they have Dr. Pepper in their fridge? No. I forgot to add that to the list of snacks. Yikes!

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