Saturday, December 17, 2005


see karen, i can stay up late! my eyelids are super heavy though. i apologize in advance if none of this makes sense. i just got home from our cycorp holiday party. my feet hurt from dancing to random 80s tunes. i'm such a slut for 80s music and dancefloors. especially when madonna and abba are involved. and missy elliott. "work it" gets me every time. i cringed when missy mentioned her "cha cha". looking to see if my boss even noticed. nope. cool, keep dancing.787

stacy and i went to justin's to listen to sound on reels 1-3 this afternoon. oh my god. hearing the film with a first pass at mixed sound with foley work. i started crying. and yes, i know that i cry at everything. it's just my way, i guess. shit, i should go to sleep.

oh, and i've become addicted to myspace. checking everyday to see how many new "friends" i have. it's kind of pathetic.

pork chop is really freaking out. i think we both need to get some rest.

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