Thursday, November 03, 2005

Zen and the Art of Robert Altman

I feel like editing is four steps forward, one step back. Every time we cut or maneuver scenes around, we have to step back and fix everything in its new place. Tweaking a little here, tightening a little there. We've been working on the pacing of the film since we met with Sandra and Aaron. That was Sandra's main critique. Speeding things up here and there. As we've tightened scenes and sped things up, we've had to go back and tighten our newly tightened scenes, if that makes any sense. I'm anxious to watch all of our new edits in an entire sitting of the film. Jim and I have a date tomorrow night to watch the latest cut and make notes about color correction. Nevie and I will continue to edit this weekend and then show what we have up until Sunday afternoon to our core group Sunday night. We need the stamp of approval from everyone before we make final tweaks next week and call it a picture lock.

I'd kind of forgotten how long I spent in post on CICADAS. We wrapped production in August of 1999. I don't think I locked picture until maybe January or February of 2000. I remember reshooting the opening sequence in January 2000, so it must've been February. Todd worked on sound from March until maybe July or August of 2000. And then Explosions scored it for a month or two. My God. I spent an entire year in post production. It's crazy to think about. I was also editing the film myself when I wasn't working my 9-5, M-F day job so that helps explain it a little better.

I read a great interview with Robert Altman over my veggie bowl at Zen today. That man makes me so happy. Speaking of Zen, I can't stop going. I think I've eaten either a veggie bowl or a chicken and veggie teriyaki bowl every single day for the past two weeks (excluding the days I was in Arkansas).

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