Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We mean business!

Sunday night Tracy, Stacy and I had a long, productive meeting about Brain Brawl. We've asked Tracy to be our third producing partner. Fortunately for us, she said yes. It's going to be a beautiful, beautiful partnership.

We've started the development process of Brain Brawl. It's perfect timing really. As JOB is heading into the final stages of post and we wait to hear from the initial round of festivals, we've been biding our time with developing the new project. We have a few feelers out for funding, we're in the midst of updating the business proposal and I'm finding little bits of time for script revisions. For a while now it was difficult finding energy and enthusiasm to get back to the script. But once I sat down with it a few days ago and revisited my characters and the story, I got VERY excited. It's a fun, silly and hopefully inspiring little film. It's all about how being smart is cool. I love it. I get fired up when I think about the production design. That's where most of the money is going. Wild and almost over the top sets and costumes. And a full time dolly. Boy, do I love that dolly!

It feels pretty damn good heading into the second one on the heels of the first. People take us very seriously now, as they should. We mean business, friend!

The next two years hold great things for Storie Productions. Brain Brawl, Kat and Tracy having kids, Road Side Texas, Kat writing new scripts. Stacy and I (and now Tracy too) will take over the world very, very soon.

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Stacy said...

We do mean business and in our little creative allince we get to make things up as we go along a bit...as it makes sense, as it feels right to our gut. Our experiences are all so varied...we all get to have fun and be on set and we get to hire our friends!