Monday, November 28, 2005

Through deep, muddy puddles

We're still waiting. Everyone's waiting. There's been a flurry of emails between so many of my filmmaker friends today. "Did you hear?", "Did you get a call?". The resounding reply from everyone ... "No". No one's heard. No one knows anything. Well, I take that back. Word on the street is that Sundance is making its round of calls tonight. I figure if we don't hear from Slamdance by tomorrow, I'll email Sarah for a confirmation on our assumed rejection.

Regardless of all of that nonsense, life is pretty damn good. I spent the past five days with both sides of the family, eating a ton of delicious food, playing dominos (chicken foot), wandering a Houston mall for sweater vests for Mark, driving my parents around Austin aimlessly, rearranging my livingroom (and watching Mark freak out about it afterwards), going to the movies (RENT=no good, THE CONSTANT GARDNER=very good) and forgetting about our film and its Park City fate.

In the weeks to come, I'll be sipping tea with a lot, a lot of friends. Preparing myself mentally and emotionally for Karen's move to New York. Trying to raise finishing funds for JOB. (It never ends. Never ever ends. Sometimes I feel like I'll be struggling to make ends meet for the rest of my life. I keep telling myself that it builds character. But sometimes, it just sucks.) I'll be working with Justin Hennard on sound. (I want Justin to be my new friend He's so nice and quiet and sweet. I like him a whole lot.)

I've been increasing my mileage each week for the upcoming marathon. I ran 11 miles in pouring rain on Saturday. It was a true test of will. I probably ran about a mile or two of that through deep, muddy puddles. By the time I got back to the hotel, my clothes were dripping all over the lobby carpet. I think I alarmed the woman at the front desk. "What on earth happened to you?" she asked. "Marathon training", I replied. She urged me to get up to my room and sent some hot tea so I wouldn't catch a cold. It was sweet. My right foot hurts. It feels almost like a broken bone (even though I'm not quite sure what a broken bone feels like. I'm surprised and pleased that my knees don't hurt. I guess it's that strength training. God bless the Mark Frazier!

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Anonymous said...

Slamdance is announcing Tuesday night.