Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snow Boots?

Am I nervous? Yeah. I'm not waiting for a phone call from Sundance. I gave up on that idea almost as soon as we sent them a cut of the film that I wasn't too pleased with. I am waiting for a call from Slamdance. They asked for a newer version which they should've gotten on Tuesday. Berlin requested a newer version as well. That's a good sign, I think. Two years ago when I had a short film play at Slamdance, I got the call the day before Thanksgiving. I was scheduled to drive to Houston with Mark to visit his family. I think I jumped up and down all through the house, screaming for a solid hour. It was a good day. I'd like to get that call again. Who knows though, y'know? Sadly, we don't have a producer's rep in our corner ... yet. So many of my friends do. So many of my friends have connections and representation. In the end does it matter? Yeah, kind of. We're actually sending screeners to a few reps tomorrow. They should have them by Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe one of them will like it, maybe not. Regardless, it's a good film in my humble opinion. I really love it. I'm anxious to put it in front of a real audience. We have to finish it first, of course. Now that I think about it I can't remember who's phone number we gave them. Stacy's maybe? I should ask. This next week will be torturous. Do I unpack my snowboots or keep them tucked in the corner of my closet?

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i'm no phenomenon said...

"buck up camper...we'll tackle the slopes together."
- "better off dead" starring a young john cusak