Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Picture Lock Day

It's picture lock day! It's picture lock day!!! It's a very momentous day in our "jumping off bridges" world. I'm wearing the old timey key that Stacy gave me and Nevie as gifts last weekend around my neck in celebration. Nevie and I exchanged silly, giddy emails this morning. We couldn't be more ready. It's been three months since we started hammering away at this thing. We've cut, chopped, lopped, rearranged, reshot, rethought, rearranged some more, chipped away, tightened, shaved, tweaked and eventually found our movie. I can't stop smiling. I haven't stopped smiling since Sunday. Nevie and I spent Monday and Tuesday fixing a few minor pieces and now it's done. We'll watch the film together one last time when I get off work today and then, we put a little check mark in the box marked "picture lock" on our timeline. Next week, Justin and I have a date to watch the film together. I'll hand over my sound notes and then send him off to work, to make beautiful sound.

I've known for a long time what an amazing human being Nevie is. She's one of my all time best friends. We've gone through lots and lots over the past many years. Now, I can add great collaborator to my list of what I love about her. I'm gonna miss our late night work sessions. I might be a little lost next week without seeing her and Abby every night. I might have to show up on her doorstep one night at my usual time just to get my Nevie fix.

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