Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Making faces at the computer screen while my boyfriend makes fun of me.

Apparently I make faces when I type. I just had this conversation with Natasha as we chatted about the upcoming reading of her screenplay "Anorexic Girls with Guns" that I'm directing. When I sit and type emails or screenplays I make faces as if I'm talking to someone instead of typing the words. I don't think it's abnormal or unusual. But maybe there's just not someone watching me normally. I don't know. Regardless, I'm amusing my boyfriend to no end.

So we didn't get into Slamdance. I had a nice but brief conversation with Sarah before I left work today. It's kind of funny because I was almost consoling her for having to tell me the bad news. She said we made the final round, but not the final cut. I kept telling her, "it's ok, it's ok. seriously, it's ok." And it is. I'm totally fine. It wasn't meant to be. And there's something amazing and appropriate right around the corner for the film. It means we don't have to continue the scramble. It means we can take our time, the time that maybe we should've taken from the get go. You live, you learn. I'm anxious and excited to see what happens next.


kelly rae said...

kat, you and your film are amazing. you see the brightness in everything. and you're right, something amazing is on it's way for you and this film.

yen said...

so very sorry to hear that kat, but keep you head up. we're all such tough bastards anyway. every rejection is just another reason to keep going.

dvd said...

Sometimes I make expressions when I'm writing, but more often I gesture wildly.