Thursday, November 10, 2005

Alliances and Weak Knees

My nephew will take his first step on Texas soil in about 6 hours. As a birthday present, my brother, Robert, and my five-year old nephew, Lil' Robert, are coming for a visit. The last time my brother was in Austin was the summer of 1999. We were shooting cicadas. I was on set 12 - 14 hour days so I'm not sure that counts. The three of us will take Austin by storm. The Austin Zoo, the Zilker Playground, the Zilker Train, Whole Foods, Thomas the Train play station, Austin Pizza Garden and Amy's Ice Cream. It's my 31st birthday celebration! I get to introduce them to my best friends and Mark's family. That's the best part. My brother can finally put all of the faces to names that I go on and on about every time I come home to Florida.

I turn 31 tomorrow. This time last year, I was SO excited to start my thirties. Rightfully so. It's been a wild, blissful, triumphant, dispiriting, scattered, daunting and hopeful twelve months.

Reflections on last year are bittersweet.

1) I got engaged to the boy that makes my knees go weak and puts me in stitches.
2) I made my second feature film. A film that I'd written so many years ago and almost given up hope on.
3) I formed a business partnership with Stacy Schoolfield. It's an alliance that over the past year has given me great confidence that together, we can do anything. We've made a solemn pact to continue kicking ass and taking names in this town.
4) I've discovered a wealth of new talent. I've worked with a new generation of wide-eyed, ambitious and talented individuals who I'm trying to hurry up the next project so we can all work together again.
5) I've watched my best friends fall in love, get married, engaged, get big promotions, get published, apply for grad school, discover that they're capable of more than they ever dreamed of.
6) I lost a friend.
7) I reconnected with a group of friends that meant the world to me in my youth.

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