Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tootsie Rolls

M.I.A. on the headphones. Mixed CD. My friends gathered in New York City the first weekend in October. I wasn't able to join them, but they all made mixed tapes to share with everyone. Karen brought me a huge stack. I think I'm listening to Clare's. It's really good. Interpol, Elastica, The Stone Roses, Yo La Tengo, Tom Waits ... It makes me miss my girls.

Tomorrow night marks our 3rd and hopefully final test screening. We're bringing in about 40 adults and teenagers who don't know us, don't know the film or anyone involved in the film. I'm pretty excited to get feedback from actual non-industry audience members. I want to know if it's honest. If it feels real. We're also sending it off to a few more industry types in New York for one last look. The one I'm most anxious to hear back from is Scott Macaulay.

I discovered today that I have a serious weakness for Tootsie Rolls. I knew that I loved them a whole lot, but I REALLY REALLY love them. The stupid candy bowl is about 20 feet from my desk. I can see it as I type this. My coworker, Melanie, bought Tootsie Rolls, Blow Pops and Reeses Cups in celebration of Halloween. Usually we have pretty crappy candy in there and it's easy to avoid, but those damn Tootsie Rolls have really got a hold on me.

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Clare said...

Yeah, you like my mix! It's always good to have your mix tapes validated, especially by a dear friend. I am now officially nervous for you for your test screening tomorrow. Maybe nervous isn't the right word - anxious? I want to know what they will think. I wish I could be there to observe their reactions. Please let us know how it goes!

love - Clare oxox