Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I went over to Hrasky's last night to pick up the contract for our use of an Explosions in the Sky song. He gave me a copy of the reissue of "How Strange, Innocence", their first album. I have the original, but it's beat up and certain stereos are picky about playing it. Taking it with me everywhere and playing it every chance I got, I really wore that record out. I haven't listened to it in years, maybe. But I remember the first time I put it in the CD player. I pressed repeat and drove up and down Mopac for about an hour. I didn't know music like this. It inspired me and left me weak in the knees. Now that I have it on repeat on my headphones at work, it's bringing up all of these old memories. It takes me back to when I first started hanging out with the Sad Loud boys. Chris and I worked at Book People together and we'd hide between shelves of books to talk about films and music. I was in post production on "cicadas" and would leave work every day around 4:30pm and head straight to Shawn Higgins' to edit the film by myself until midnight. I worked bits and pieces of that record into the film. I cut the trailer (that never really saw the light of day) to track #4. The liner notes of the reissue talk about how they've since had a love/embarrassment relationship with the record. I have to say, even after watching their band quietly grow and then explode into worldwide fame and countless raving reviews, and listening to their sound evolve over the years into something so fierce and voluminous, this little record still makes me ache.

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