Tuesday, October 04, 2005

letting go ...

It's been an interesting few days.

Saturday: Jim, Beau, Tracy, Stacy and I spent the day getting pick up shots. Establishing neighborhoods, bridges, seasons ... I think we got some cool fall shots. We found random people in yards fixing houses, mowing lawns, lighting firecrackers. I'm hoping we'll get that footage back on Wednesday

Sunday: We had a screening for a few "industry" people. Sandra and Aaron gave incredibly helpful, detailed and constructive feedback. It felt really overwhelming listening to it all, but sitting with it afterwards, for the most part, it all feels right. Sandra suggested taking out another 20 - 30 minutes of the film. "Wow", I thought. I kind I did one of those cartoon gulps. But really, she's right. They helped with restructuring the first act and slimming down the second. Everyone agreed that the third act is pretty damn solid.

Monday: Nevie and I took the notes from Sunday's screening and started the restructuring/slimming down process. We'd each made a list of what scenes to include and in what order. From there we compared and compromised. After watching what we'd done to the first act, it felt much better. More kids. That's what everyone wanted. More kids, less mom. The suicide gave more of a punch this time around. And you get to know the kids better. The second act, felt a little better, but we both agreed we could still take out a few things. We'll also be redoing the title sequence. I've had really simple, plain title sequences, up until now, but it's time to get a little fancier.

Nevie and I will continue the reshaping process. It's feeling good. After the screening on Sunday, I'm having major doubts about Sundance. I wish we could've sent something in later, or maybe not have sent anything at all. I think we'll have something more solid to send to Slamdance. But I'm feeling a relief about letting that idea go. I'm feeling more comfortable with just focusing on the film and not on all these damn deadlines. I think the film will be better for it.

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