Monday, October 31, 2005

How strange ... turkeys.

On my morning run I felt like I was living an episode of Animal Planet. Near the Intramural Fields on Guadelupe, I spotted about 20 - 30 large, bright green parakeet looking birds. They nuzzled each other closely on a power line. I did a double take and figured maybe, somehow they got loose in transit to a pet store. Further along, in a neighborhood above 51st, I caught sight of two turkeys waddling around someone's front yard. At the neighbor's house about four or five cats sat prim, staring at the two turkeys. They weren't staring like, "I'm gonna eat you sucka", but more along the lines of "hmmm, how strange ... turkeys".

I got a bunch of sun this weekend. Unexpectedly. Saturday Nevie and I raced, "The Toughest Race in Texas" at St. Stephens High School. It truly was the toughest race I've ever run. It was a 10k along a very narrow, rocky trail that climbed and descended what felt like 20,000 hills. For much of the race it was single file and hard to pass people. We even passed a woman on the side, holding her bloody knee while a couple of other runners tended to her. I'll do it again next year for sure.

We spent two hours with Sandra and Aaron getting more notes after the race. Nevie's been working furiously on those ever since. Everyone agrees that we're really close. It's a good feeling.

Spent Sunday with Kurt, Meredith and the kids getting more photos for the poster. I have a polaroid from the shoot taped to my computer at work. It's from a high overhead angle as they're all lying on each other's bellies.

It takes me back to the day on the beach with Aaron, Garrett and Gena and Jane's Addiction. Stacy, Jameson, Bryan and I shot a new scene after the photo shoot. It went really well. Bryan destroyed the hell out of these two polaroid cameras. It was kind of striking how quickly they flew into a million little pieces.

Lastly, I caught Capote Saturday afternoon. I loved it. It really got under my skin. I felt like sobbing the whole way home from the theater. The performances were smashing. So subtle and so rich, it took me a while to realize Catherine Keener was playing Harper Lee. And I LOVE that woman.


Alison said...

I know those turkeys you speak of! Actually, they are guinea fowl. I used to live in that there neighborhood and the guineas were a regular site. And the parakeets have been around awhile, as well. there is a whole heap of them! I heard from an old neighbor that some guy made a mission for himself of starting a parakeet colony. looks like it worked.

Kat said...

ah! guinea fowl. curious.