Friday, October 28, 2005

Finding the movie.

I'm very excited. Sandra emailed this morning after watching the latest cut and said we found our movie. Yea! We meet tomorrow morning with her and Aaron to go over last minute notes and changes. I'm feeling really confident these days. It's refreshing really, that whole confidence thing. It sure beats the pants off of this self doubt I've been trying to fight.

Oh, and David, we haven't heard from Sundance yet. Again, not holding my breath. The version we sent them ... let's just say the film was still a little lost in the woods. Maybe they'll see it differently.

Nevie and I are running a race through the woods in the morning. I can't wait. It sounds like so much fun. Trails, rocks, dirt paths ...

It's a busy weekend. A pick up scene, another poster photo shoot, races, editing notes, editing, a date with my boy and a birthday dinner celebration with Stacy, Nevie and Miss Tracy tonight. I've been craving sushi badly these days. I'm on a silly Japanese food kick.

In the Statesman today I got to talk about my favorite scary movie. That Chris Garcia, man oh man.

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