Friday, October 14, 2005

Best friends are always on your team.

This weekend we'll celebrate Amy and Egil's wedding. I'll be surrounded by new aunts and uncles, friends of the family, cousins ... They'll ask to see the ring. It's currently in the shop being resized. They'll want to know about the movie, my life, our own wedding plans ... I'm not sure I'm quite ready. I'll hold Mark's hand tight and not let go. That boy has given me so much ground to walk on. He's been a pillar of strength in my recent weakness and frailty. I couldn't have asked for a better man.

The movie is coming into its own. Nevie and I are putting on the finishing touches before we do another test screening next week. We've added some beautiful transitions. I made another cameo. My last one got cut. I'm adding another scene which I hope to shoot at the end of the month. I still need to talk to Juli and Bryan about it.

It's been strange sorting through my own grief and confusion and watching it unfold on a screen in words I gave to these characters. Watching the scene where Eric tries to resuscitate Zak after pulling his unconscious body from the river breaks me.

I plan to meet up with Garrett, Gena and Warren in February to show them the film. Right now, I'm looking forward to that more than anything else.


Anonymous said...

i have seen most of the raw footage and can tell you all.....that this is a must see movie for those that cherish.....real life. it is poignantly beautiful. kat has a way with the camera and words filling her actors mouths that astound me. she picks talented people to fill the screen with their human emotions. she is becoming a consumate director.
her friends death makes no sense and is a loss to all and makes this movie all the more precious in its message.....don't lose sight of the most important relationships in your life. they take time and work. they take understanding, patience and tolerance. that is all that is left in the end for our memories.

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