Monday, October 24, 2005


Spent the weekend in Arkansas for Mandy and Victor's wedding. It was quite wonderful. Most of us were able to make it ... Mark, Kurt, Meredith, Ryan, Karen, Collier, Nevie ... Mark played deejay for the reception and had everyone dancing until their sides hurt. He finished his set with "Since You've Been Gone". He had all of us in the middle of the dance floor screaming the lyrics and throwing our fists into the air. There was something very touching about that moment.

I haven't seen seasons like that since I lived in Boston as a freshman in college. I haven't seen leaves so red and rolling hills so vast in years. It made me want to make a lot of money and buy a house in the Ozarks. Or at least come back to visit.


Clare said...

Do you need a lot of money to buy a house in the Ozarks?

Mandy said...

Kat, thanks so much for coming! We really enjoyed having you at our wedding.

Clare, property prices have really gone up in the last few years. To get a nice home there will cost you a pretty penny (compared to how it was when I was young, anyway).