Tuesday, September 13, 2005

When things make sense ...

I'm sitting here with Nevilicious. We've been editing for the past several days straight. We've hit many epiphanal moments with placement, what to cut and the flow. Things are really starting to click, make sense and come together in ways I hadn't predicted. I remember Jay talking about this moment with cutting his film last year. It's happening. Nevie's putting together the temporary opening titles as I write this. It's pretty cool.

I'm really hungry right now.


Daniel Onoda said...

oh, what film are you working on now?

(i hope you see my last comment. i published it in the last post.)

Kat Candler said...

Hey Daniel,
I'm working on a film called, "jumping off bridges". You can check out more about it at www.jumpingoffbridges.com.
Thanks so much for the kind note.