Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday - IFP

I can barely keep my eyes open. After a huge plate full of Ethiopian food, a 5:30am run with Stacy and Nevie and a full day of IFP adventures, I'm sleepy. We met lots of new friends. I found my twin. She's just like me but she lives on the east coast and she's asian. She's my new friend. There are a lot of cool people involved with the rough cuts lab. And all of the mentors that Scott brought in have been amazing, wonderful, wonderful people. Scott remembered me from email correspondences years ago. He also said immediately that I had amazing actors. They're all geniune and sweet and want to help. Today we went over test screenings, music licensing and scores. George S. Clinton is actually white and does not play with the P Funk. He scored films like Austin Powers, Santa Clause and The Astronauts Wife. He's a sweet, sweet man. Tomorrow morning, another run with Stacy, more IFP, dinner with Amre, Dawnie, hopefully Maya and Suzanne and then going to see Bosque Brown at CMJ.

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