Sunday, September 11, 2005

Surviving the winter.

I find heaven in my friends. Catching sight of Kurt from across the restaurant this morning, my eyes lit up. His huge bear hug made my whole day. I don't get enough of those. Although our conversation this morning took me somewhere I thought I'd left behind. Intentionally so. I couldn't help that swelling knot in my stomach and ache in my chest. But whatever. Forgetting about that time in my life and moving on has worked just fine for me. Someone else can carry the bitterness. I'm truly happy where I am in my life. I'm fortunate and blessed. Blessed mostly by the love of my dearest friends. They hold my heart.


moolieboy said...

bret was here.

moolieboy said...
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Daniel Onoda said...

hi, i want to comment on this last post but i'm way to excited to have found that you have a blog. I first found out about you and cicadas a couple of years ago while looking up shows for explosions in the sky. since then you've become sort of a hero to me-- even though i have yet to see any of your films. (i've looked everywhere, i promise) I'm sure i'll be able to find it somewhere in the future.

anyway, i don't want to look like a stalker so i'll end shortly. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration and you've given me.

and yeah, going back to your entry, i'm in love with my friends right now. I can't imagine what it would be like if i didn't have them.