Monday, September 26, 2005

nothing fancy

it was sort of a whirlwind weekend. mark's parents spent 18 hours driving up from houston to avoid hurricane rita. jim and i were supposed to shoot pick up shots, but cancelled as a result of the possiblity of torrential downpour. nada. it was beautiful and sunny all weekend long. not a dark cloud in the sky. and then i got engaged. out of a silly, goofy, dorky moment ... he asked. i've been giddy and smiling ever since. mark told me yesterday he's never seen me smile so wide for so long. i can't help it. everything's too perfect. so, we're planning for an early may wedding in austin. my vote is that everyone in the wedding party wears converses. we're also in agreement that it'll take place in a movie theater. i don't want a stiff, formal wedding. i want something a little stupid and fun. something where we don't take ourselves too seriously. a wedding where we can laugh a lot and be ourselves. i'm really looking forward to it.

oh yeah, and the movie's coming along really well. we watched the cut we're sending to sundance this morning. after a few minor tweaks, it's heading to the post office. has to be in their office by friday. we're not taking any chances.

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katie said...

i went to a wedding where the groom wore black converses and the bride wore pink ones. it was so adorable! when i walked out i told my parents that when i grow up that's exactly how my wedding is going to be! it was so awesome!