Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New York City - Again

We're headed to NYC tomorrow afternoon. The IFP Rough Cuts Lab. It'll be interesting to hear a critique of the cut we sent weeks ago, since the cut we have now is light years from the original. I'm excited to meet Scott Macaulay. I think the world of his projects and his love for cinema. From his blog, he seems really nice.

My boyfriend's freaking out because there's a huge UN conference that starts as soon as we get there. I've tried to quiet his fears. Sure, it makes me a little nervous, but what can you do? Not go? I have Ethiopian to eat with my NYC friends. I have mornings where I'll be running through Central Park. I have a rock show to see. We'll be ok. I promise.

BTW, I started crying on my way home from Nevie's tonight. I love the movie.

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