Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My friend rejection

I'm back in edit mode. Nevie and I took a brief hiatus with ACL. But now we'll be attached at the hip for the next several weeks. We have a few rough cut test screenings lined up. Those should be pretty telling. We have one for film industry people. And two for non-film teenagers and adults who don't know us and don't know the project. I'm excited to get objective opinions from people who don't care if they hurt our feelings by being honest. We really need to know how it's working, if it makes sense, if it holds their attention, if it really feels like it's length.

Jim and I have pick up shots scheduled for this coming Saturday. We'll be getting shots of neighborhoods, streetlights, bare trees, water reflections ... you name it. I also have a guy coming up from Huntsville to shadow me for the day. I've never had anyone shadow me before.

Saturday, the 8th, Kurt, the four kids, Charla and I will stage a photo shoot for the poster. Kurt and I met on Sunday and he went over the rough sketches he has for the poster. One in particular sent chills up my spine. I love it. I think it captures the film really well. Kurt never ceases to amaze me.

The Sundance submission went off today. It should arrive in their office tomorrow by noon. I won't be holding my breath on this one. I'm already thickening my skin for the upcoming rejections. It's inevitable. I taught a workshop in Bastrop last weekend and someone asked if I'd ever been rejected to a festival. Oh Lord, have I ever. Many of them. I've been rejected to SXSW every single year. Only once did I get in and that's because our producer was friends with the programmer. When a friend of mine called and was pretty bummed about a grant rejection she'd gotten, I sent her this mega long list of every festival, college, competition ... I'd ever gotten rejected to. It was a very, very long list. So I'm a good friend of rejection. We go way back. But I've embraced it and grow from it. It doesn't weigh me down like it did in the very beginning. I simply say "Fuck it!" and move on.

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Clare said...

Do you still have that list of rejections? Because I think once we move to NYC and I start auditioning, I might need a little cold comfort myself. I'm prepared to be rejected but no amount of reality checking really prepares you for the keen sense of disappointment. I find the challenge is not to take it personally. I think actors get it particularly bad because you can be really good but if you're hair is the wrong color or you're too tall, too fat, too skinny, or even have the "wrong energy" you won't get the part and that leads to all sorts of self-scrutiny.

I'll cross my fingers for Sundance for you!

Clare ox