Friday, September 23, 2005

Michael Michael Motorcycle

My friend Mike's in town. I was trying to explain my history with Mike to my boyfriend. We met in eighth grade in Mrs. Welch's homeroom at Stanton College Prep. I sat with him and Tavia at a table each morning until the first period bell would ring. I sipped my first cup of coffee with him and a group of friends at the Village Inn down the street from my house after a night at Einstein a Go Gos in high school. I remember Josh talking about Karl Marx for forever and all of us trying to be so grown up and intellectual. I didn't drink coffee again until a few months ago. Mike and I used to skip Chemistry in college at Florida State. Or we'd pretend to study at the Sweet Shop before class. I almost failed Chemistry. I think I made a "D". We went to see Dazed and Confused repeatedly at IC Flicks in Tallahassee and people would mistake him for Slater. He had the long hair and the chops. He was at all of my bands rock shows. Kelly Roberts and I even made up a song for his car ... "Golden Nugget". After he moved to Austin, we would spend our lunches together when he worked at Whole Foods and I worked at Book People. He's one of my friends that I share a lifetime of history with. He's been a brother to me for a long time. He named me "Katter" and says it with a funny voice. He has lots of funny voices. And funny faces to match. Seeing his face last night after three long years was like heaven. He's one of those friends I'll still have when I'm 70.

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kelly rae said...

kat, it seems like yesterday we made up the "golden nugget" song. i still remember the tune very well. we were sitting outside at a college party one evening. and we were a little ditzy from the drinks and we were being silly girls and reminiscing about all the highschool rides in mike's little car when we decided to make up a song. it was funny and sweet and a great memory. you are the best.