Monday, September 05, 2005

Lazer Tag Dance Party

Kick ball ruled. The Cassidy Kids, kind of won. Well, sort of. We had to share many of our players because they were a bit lacking in their own. I think they might have had five or six. There was lots of sliding, stealing bases, scraped up knees and good times.

So it's been suggested that Lazer Tag be the next challenge. Perhaps we should aim for a post Sundance deadline date. It could be some much needed stress relief. Unless it turns into a Lazer Tag dance party. I LOVE Lazer Tag dance parties. Especially when they involve the Zellner brothers.


katie said...

lazer tag is freakin awesome. i remember when i was in fifth and sixth grade that was THE thing to do for a birthday party. i'm all for it.

juli said...

yea!!! count the chafins in... you know us, we're always up for a good time... our scrapes from kickball should be healed up by then... ;) j*