Saturday, September 17, 2005

The highlights

I'm too tired tonight to give a full report, so here are the few highlights ...

1) Seeing Bosque Brown perform last night. They're on our soundtrack.
2) Seeing Scarlett Johannsen at the Bosque Brown show.
3) Meeting so many cool people at the workshop and knowing that we'll all keep in touch.
4) Telling Scott Macaulay how wonderful I think he is.
5) Visiting with Amre and Dawnie over dinner last night.
6) Jogging with Stacy to Central Park this morning.
7) The chocolate hazlenut gelato we just ate.


j. said...

are you serious... scarlett was there, really? i wonder what she thought of the bands...

i'm no phenomenon said...

she didn't get to see the bands...she is a wee 19.