Tuesday, September 20, 2005

crackles and aches

i've been listening to the bosque brown record over and over and over again. i started the record when i got to work about 9am this morning and have had it on repeat ever since. sadly, i think i know all of the songs by heart now. i've been thinking about mara lee miller a lot lately. she's this short, waif of a girl with a voice that sounds like it comes from a coal mining town or atop a cold, black mountain. i love the way it rises and falls with crackles and aches.

since our return to texas, i've been in a bit of a daze. lack of sleep, maybe. i watched the film all the way through with nevie last night. it's coming together quite nicely. jim and i will spend this weekend shooting some more transition shots (houses, neighborhoods, bridges, water). kurt told me that he thought the film felt like this encapsulated world like that of "george washington". i can't imagine we even compare to "george washington", but i took the compliment, just the same. it was sweet.

we're working out the details of post production. the workshop answered so many questions and helped us establish relationships with people who will continue to answer questions. i love the people scott brought to us. they were all such wonderful, helpful and well intentioned people. i love that he sort of invited us into his world. i can't praise him enough.

jim mckay has a new film, "angel" that premiered at the toronto film festival. i'm a HUGE jim mckay fan. i envy what he can get out of his actors. he's up there with cassavettes and mike leigh when it comes to realism.

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