Friday, September 09, 2005

bits of story

And the cutting continues. A little snipping here, chunks being tossed over our shoulders there. Sometimes it's painful, other times it makes complete sense. I think I've long forgotten this process with "cicadas". That was over five years ago. I can't remember what my first rough cut running time was for that film. It ended up at 92 minutes including credits. The perfect length. "jumping" will be a bit longer. But we're figuring out where it works, and where things don't make sense or lag. I'm finding scenes and moments that I continually fall in love with again and again. It's strange and somewhat alarming to think about how much money I'm tossing out each time I cut a scene. How much time, money, energy and talent went into each bit of story that gets pulled. I'm trying to keep my thoughts elsewhere.

I'm running again. At full speed. As the temperatures cool a touch, I'm aching to be outside more. I find myself not dreading the morning runs like I did when I would step out of my apartment into the 7am humid heat. I'm also psyched that I have a bunch of new running buddies ... Karen, Stacy, Tracy, Jeannette and Teri. It makes the time pass quicker and we get to catch up.

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