Sunday, August 07, 2005

wishing it was yesterday

i'm sitting here a little numb. 10:12pm after wrapping the film.

my gratitude and sadness in this quiet moment goes beyond words.

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Mary Helen Brinkley said...

Hi there Kat....
I wrote a long note to you but i don't know whether it actually was sent or not...
I was expressing my appreciation and thanks to you for using Bryan to make this very emotional, important and timely movie... He certainly didn't have time to get bored this summer... I have lots of folks all over the state and some out of state and in Hawaii who are waiting to know when the film will be edited and ready for viewing... and i'm getting so eager to see it myself.. ha ha

You have a really neat organization who work together in a great way.. i have no doubt that this movie will go far. Even tho' i know just a wee bit about it i feel just be reading your Blogs that it's gonna be a winner..

Keep up the great work... Mom Z
or Mary Helen Brinkley.. Bryan's g'mother